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Fabric Weights Gift Set - Flowers

Fabric Weights Gift Set - Flowers

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🎁Pattern cutting weights secure patterns to fabric without using pins and work on any type of fabric. The weights can be placed directly on the pattern and you are ready to make the cut.  These are a beautiful four piece set.  Each weight is 5mm thick with a 5cm diameter and weigh 75g.  Ideal as a gift with their beautiful flower and bee decorations, presented beautifully in a powder blue tin. 

✨Sew Easy Fabric Weights are the ultimate solution for hassle-free pattern cutting

  • Smooth and non-slip: These weights are designed to hold your pattern firmly in place while you cut, without slipping or shifting.
  • Professional quality: Whether you're a seasoned seamstress or just starting out, Sew Easy Fabric Weights are the perfect tool to make your sewing projects easier and more efficient.
  • No more pinning and unpinning: With pattern weights, you can easily reposition your pattern as needed, without having to constantly pin and unpin it.
  • Protect delicate fabrics: Pinholes can be a thing of the past when you use pattern weights to secure your fabric in place.
  • Stackable and easy to store: These weights have tacked bottoms that allow them to stack easily, so you can adjust the weight as needed. Plus, they take up minimal storage space.

Ready to try out Sew Easy Fabric Weights for yourself? Simply place them 5 centimetres from the edge of your pattern, on your fabric, and cut out around the edges of the pattern. Enjoy the freedom and precision that come with using pattern weights in your sewing projects

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