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How many units do I put in the quantity box?

We cut our fabrics by the Fat Quarter, Half Metre and Full Metre. Our fabrics are listed and sold in fat quarter increments.

You will need to add 4 in the quantity box to purchase 1 metre, and so on.

Any amount you select will be cut as one continuous piece unless you explicitly contact Rosemary Wild with your requirements.

The exception is if an odd number of units are selected, the additional unit will be sent as a fat quarter.  For example, if 3 is selected as the quantity, it would be sent as a half metre and a fat quarter.  

Please note that this is a rough guide as the fabrics can vary in width.

Fat Quarter = 55cm wide x 50cm long (21" x 19") = 1 in the quantity box

Half Metre = 110cm wide x 50cm long (43" x 19") = 2 in the quantity box

Two separate units of a half metre and a fat quarter will be despatched= 3 in the quantity box

Full Metre = 110cm wide x 100cm long (43" x 39") = 4 in the quantity box

Length of fabric 

Number of units required

Fat quarter 1 unit
Half metre 2 units
1m 4 units
1.5m 6 units
2m 8 units
2.5m 10 units
3m 12 units
4m 16 units

What does Pre-order mean?

A product listed as Pre-Order only means that the fabric has not yet been released but I have advance warning of it's release date.

Full payment is required at time of pre-ordering with shipping costs to be calculated at checkout. Fabric will ship as soon as the fabric has been received by Rosemary Wild. Please note that an indicated date in the product listing may be delayed due to worldwide shipping delays but I hope for it to arrive on time.

If you are ordering an in stock item at the same time as a pre-order, and want it shipped immediately, please purchase in a separate transaction. If purchased in the same transaction, all in stock items will be held and shipped once the pre-order is shipped out.

Pre-orders are NOT required, and you may wait until the shipment has arrived and purchase as per usual. However, pre-order guarantees you will receive this bundle before it sells out. Past collections, particularly of Tilda Fabrics, have sold out very quickly, so pre-ordering is recommended.

What happens if a product is shown as out of stock?

We get new stock on a regular basis so if a product is showing as sold out, it will no longer be in production.  Therefore please check back if something is out of stock or contact us if you'd like to know an ETA.

A note about quilting/craft fabrics: these tend to be available for a temporary period only, as once the manufacturer has depleted their supply, they move on to new designs. Therefore these fabrics turnover quickly.

What is the importance of prewashing your fabric?

All fabrics will shrink a little bit in the wash and by pre-washing them before cutting and sewing with them, a perfect fit is ensured which won’t change after the first wash! Typically, 10% shrinkage is allowed for in all washable natural fibres. Wash before making up in the same manner as you would with subsequent washes (including drying methods). Make sure you fully open out your fabric prior to washing. It is suggested to machine wash cotton at 30/40 degrees and tumble dry on a low heat setting and press with an iron using steam on a hot setting.

Rosemary Wild cannot be held responsible if the fabric is damaged once it is in possession of the customer. Fabrics liable to mis-shape should be dried flat, or in a cool tumble dryer. Most fabrics should be pressed before cutting. Every washing machine does differ, so it is your responsibility to test wash any fabrics that you purchase from us.

What happens if re-used packaging is not shown as a shipping option?

I have two options for sending packages in re-used packaging: one for first class and one for second class. However, I need to have the re-used packaging in the first place to be able to offer the option! If my stockpile is finished, I will remove these choices from the shipping options until the re-used packaging has been replenished.