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Once the dust has settled from the start of school term, I'm keen to do some actual sewing this winter and really get back into it. I'm hoping that this year it won't just be a grand plan that stays in my head! With that in mind, I'm doing a big shuffle around of space in the house to make room for my fabric stash - yes, even though I sell gorgeous fabric, I have too large a fabric stash, just like some of you.

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I used to stock some really beautiful craft kits produced and made by artisan craft makers. I decided to focus on fabric quite a while ago but I still have some of the craft kits for sale. I thought it was time to make space for my fabric by having a flash sale on my remaining craft kits. Maybe you want to try a bit different from your sewing projects or want to start Christmas shopping a bit early.

I won't be getting these kits back in stock so get them whilst they last! 

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