Sustainable Stickers!

Sustainable Stickers!

🌿New Stickers! I've been using these for a while and I love them. Most of my customers choose to have their orders sent to them in reused packaging. It could be any bag or box that's come into our house for one reason or another. It just makes so much sense to re-use them rather than putting them into the recycling each week and then package up your orders in brand new packaging.

🥰Luckily, most of my customers feel the same and are happy to have their beautiful orders wrapped in re-used packaging. You'll know it's from me as I had this very beautiful sticker designed by Helen from Porridge Design.

💌And she also designed another one for those customers who choose to have new packaging. I use paper envelopes which are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable making them a great alternative to plastic lined mailing bags. This sticker states it's plastic free with a request to re-use and recycle the paper envelope.

🌿I think she did a great job and I love sticking the stickers on their orders as the final step of them going to their new homes!

🌿Bringing you a little bit of sustainability with your fabric!
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