Reduced postage for re-used packaging

Reduced postage for re-used packaging

🌿Do you like my new labels? Living in a village with limited shops near by and limited time to visit shops, I do quite a bit of internet shopping. Not only is it a timesaver with three children but I cut down my own mileage.

🌿This does mean I get quite a lot of packaging through my door which I then normally recycle. However, I thought some of my lovely customers wouldn't mind paying a little less postage for a reused envelope or box. I've popped up some options for first and second class in my shipping calculator when you get to checkout if this is something you would like to do in your next purchase. I'll run this for a trial basis and see how it goes.

🌿I would love it if I could reduce my own recycling by passing it onto you - and who knows, you might reuse it too which would be brilliant!

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