SUSTAINABLE SUPPLIERS - I am so delighted and happy for The Crafty Kit Company who are one of my lovely suppliers of craft kits. As a company, they are always striving to make a positive contribution towards a more sustainable future, and to impact lives through inspiration, creativity and fun. I believe in these values too and it is always a delight to be in contact with The Crafty Kit Company no matter in what capacity.

Not only do they produce their kits just along the road from me in Scotland but they provide jobs in the local area and contribute to the local economy. Their needle felting kits all contain Corriedale wool fleece; a 100% natural material that is fully biodegradable with no plastic content; and are packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes.

For many years they have also committed to making regular donations to projects, both in the UK and abroad, that are in line with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Goals, which include: no poverty, no hunger, good health, clean energy, protect the planet, life below water, and peace and justice.

For each kit that they make, they donate one ‘impact’, contributing, through B1G1, to good causes throughout the world. Their website also provides accountability by including an “Impact Counter”, which measures in real time the donations made, and the lives, communities and environmental impacts which benefit from them.

The subject matter of their products can also make a less direct, but equally important contribution to sustainability. Many of their kits celebrate the wonderful diversity of UK and world wildlife. Research cited by the RSPB suggests that connections made with nature and wildlife can bring benefits not only to the health and well-being of people, but also, through positive engagement, to the conservation of nature. Truly the best of both worlds.

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