25.  Artisan Stitch Community

25. Artisan Stitch Community

ARTISAN STITCH - I have an exclusive discount for members of the Artisan Stitch Community Facebook page for these amazing sewing courses right here in Edinburgh!
🧵Jen runs Artisan Stitch which is an award winning provider of classes for sewing skills and textile art in Edinburgh. I started going to her classes in 2016 when she was still based in Cockenzie House in East Lothian and close to home.
🧵When I had three children under the age of four, it was an occasional treat to take myself off for the day to these wonderful classes just down the road and I would ask for vouchers for my Christmas present. I absolutely love Jen's Textile Art classes. I even introduced her to the concept of Friday Night Gin o'clock!
🧵She moved into Edinburgh a couple of years ago to a new studio to expand her course offerings and it is still a huge treat to go to her classes. Artisan Stitch won a Certificate of Excellence in January 2019 and is rated ‘best sewing classes in Edinburgh’ and she has also earned a UK Enterprise Award for Best Sewing Classes 2020.
🧵Jen runs a Community on her Facebook Page and if you join her community, you will find an exclusive ongoing discount that I have for her members. Go find the community and join in!!
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