How we cut fabric

We cut our fabrics by the Fat Quarter, Half Metre and Full Metre. Our fabrics are listed and sold in fat quarter increments.

You will need to add 4 in the quantity box to purchase 1 metre, and so on.

Any amount you select will be cut as one continuous piece unless you explicitly contact Rosemary Wild with your requirements.

The exception is if an odd number of units are selected, the additional unit will be sent as a fat quarter.  For example, if 3 is selected as the quantity, it would be sent as a half metre and a fat quarter.  

Please note that this is a rough guide as the fabrics can vary in width.

Fat Quarter = 55cm wide x 50cm long (21" x 19") = 1 in the quantity box

Half Metre = 110cm wide x 50cm long (43" x 19") = 2 in the quantity box

Two separate units of a half metre and a fat quarter will be despatched= 3 in the quantity box

Full Metre = 110cm wide x 100cm long (43" x 39") = 4 in the quantity box

Length of fabric 

Number of units required

Fat quarter 1 unit
Half metre 2 units
1m 4 units
1.5m 6 units
2m 8 units
2.5m 10 units
3m 12 units
4m 16 units