The Creative Craft Show and Scottish Quilting Show March 2022

Find out more about the Creative Craft Show and The Scottish Quilting Show

It's Burns Night tonight so thought you might be interested that the Scottish Quilting Show and Creative Craft Show are now open for early bird tickets! It's on at the SEC in Glasgow between 3rd and 6th March and if you buy one ticket you have access to both shows. It sounds fab with all kinds of workshops, demonstrations, heaps of special features and the only quilting show of its kind in Scotland.

The Creative Craft Show Glasgow 2rd - 6th March 2022  The Scottish Quilting Show 3rd - 6th March 2022

Here are all the great links to find out what you need to know:

Click here to buy the tickets including a chance for early bird tickets.  What a treat to look forward to!

Click here to see some of the exciting features at the Scottish: Contemporary Quilt Scotland, Stitching Workshops, Quilters' Guild of the British Isles (Region 16) and a wonderful range of textile artists, quilters and groups of quilters. 

Features and Highlights of the Scottish Quilting Show

Click here for the full list of exhibitors.  As I write this at the end of January, it's still the 2019 exhibitors but it's promised that it will be updated closer to the time!  Keep an eye on it! 

 The Scottish Quilting Show Exhibitors

Click here for the range of workshops! Is there something in this list that you would like to try your hand at?

The Creative Craft Show Workshops 3rd - 6th March 2022

And finally, click here if you have thrown yourself into quilting over the winter months and would love to have a wider audience for your work of art as you can even enter The Scottish Quilting Competition. There are seven different categories to choose from so there is something for everyone and every style of quilter – just take your pick from 7 categories and get started! There is a deadline of Friday 4th February 2022 though.

Enter The Scottish Quilting Show Competition March 2022
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