Longtailed Bird Cushion Kit

Nancy Nicholson

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✨The Longtailed Bird Cushion Embroidery kit from Nancy Nicholson is designed to be reliably simple to make!   

💝Nancy's embroidery kits started as easy to do “stitch by numbers” using printed fabric to guide those either unfamiliar with hand embroidery or new to the craft to gain confidence and achieve a satisfying and beautiful piece of work!

🪡The Longtail Bird Embroidery kit is larger and more elaborate than her regular stitch kits. It can be used as a standalone sampler but was designed to be particularly suitable as a panel on a cushion cover.

🪡The pack includes a linen/cotton mix fabric panel with a printed design, showing clearly where to sew the decorative stitches.

🪡There is also a guide to show the embroidery stitches required. The kit comes complete with embroidery threads in seven colours to finish the project.

✂️If you wish to make it into a cushion cover there are instructions to guide you, you will have to purchase a cushion insert 30 cm x 50 cm, and some fabric of your choice for the backing

🤩Finished embroidery is approx 30 x 50 cm. Pack size 24 x 33 cm approx.